Friday, January 11, 2013

He's Got the Look

So I'm pretty sure that Tyler Kingdon is worse than a girl at picking an outfit. It doesn't even take Krista (no offense) this long to pick out something to wear.
At this very moment, Tyler is trying to get his clothes together before we go out and party party. Here's what happened:
He chose a shirt and put it on. He matched it with some jeans that were skinny jeans (of course) and are kind of light gray in color. You would think the tough part of choosing his outfit is over, but NAY!
He puts on a greyish blue jacket, then, after much deciding, puts his fake peacoat over the top of that. Outfit complete right? Ready for the cold and still looking good... but NAY! Tyler decides to second-guess the pant color, not really sure if they are the exact fit to pull the whole look together. I repeatedly tell him that he looks fine, but it falls on deaf ears.
After staring at himself in the mirror for ten minutes, and repeated questions to me about what would look better, he takes off the pants and puts on some darker gray ones. They look good, even better than his previous choice, I tell him. However, to be a jerk, I say the others are actually better so that he will take off his pants. Once he has one leg undone, I tell him just kidding. I am so funny.
However, my joke backfired.
He takes off his pants entirely and tries on two different kinds (blue and dark blue), and after much mirror gazing, scraps the entire outfit! So there he is, standing in front of the mirror with just his Batman underwear, trying to figure out what to wear. I leave the room because I can't take it anymore; it's just too funny.
FINALLY, after ten minutes, he emerges... and... he is wearing... THE ORIGINAL OUTFIT!!! Oh my goodness what a debacle. He says his indecision is because he's probably on his period. I think he's probably right.

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  1. Unless I'm trying to get fancy dressed up, I don't think I ever take more than 3 minutes tops to decide on what to wear. And that includes putting it all on... Also does Krista read these? Maybe she'll even join haha