Sunday, January 19, 2014

Get Out da Car!

My apartment window faces the parking lot, so I see whenever somebody comes or goes. Normally this is no big deal. Well, this lady who lives next to me always parks in the space right in front of my window. Again I don't care. However, every single time she parks, she finds it pertinent to sit in her car (with the lights on) for a half hour or so, sometimes longer. I don't know if she is on her phone or what, but for some reason I find it extremely annoying. I almost want to go outside and tell her to get out of her freaking car already. There is no reason to sit in your car for that long after you get home. Absolutely none, well, unless you bring somebody with you and start steaming up the windows. In which case, you SHOULD STILL GO INSIDE!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Vaccination Nation Part 1

For my upcoming trip to Nicaragua I need some vaccinations. Makes sense, right? A little typhoid and Hepatitis A doesn't really sound like a fun time after all (surprising I know). Well, my first thought was "Hey I work in a doctor's office, in a giant hospital with tons of other doctors, and my girlfriend works in an urgent care, I must have some kind of connection to get these shots cheap." WRONG. Nothing, nada, zip, zilch. I called 3 doctor's offices, 2 pharmacies and my insurance company, but it was to no avail. I had to resort to the Dallas County health facility. Gross. They are the cheapest option, but it's still costing $200 for all these needle pokes (luckily not in the butt).

So, I left work early around 3pm to drive over there. They close at 4pm. I even called ahead, to make sure they weren't swamped and refusing people. As I'm driving over there I see the traffic coming home will be murder, but at least I'm getting these shots out of the way. I arrive, and the huge parking lot is packed. Luckily, I find a spot in front row (booyah!) and go inside. A cute girl says hello to me on the way in, which, if you are familiar with the caliber of people that use 'county' health clinics, you should know this is like a one-in-a-million omen. Looking good so far.

***Side note about people in County health clinics: ---  people in these places are not usually the brightest bulbs in the toolbox or the most attractive flowers in the sea.

Anyways I found the correct room, but who is blocking my way: a security guard! "We are shut down for the day, too many people. Come back tomorrow!" she repeats to all the disappointed people.

***Side note- she had on bubble-gum pink eye liner and lipstick - which is both classy and respectful.

BUT SERIOUSLY!?!? THE LADY ON THE PHONE SAID AS LONG AS I GOT THERE BY 4PM I WOULD BE FINE! Apparently not. I went all that way for nothing. So I left without getting shot, which is both good and bad if you knew the neighborhood it was in, and spent a good 40 minutes driving a 10 minute route home. #losing