Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Don't Even THINK About It, Kid

After a long and crazy night on Saturday, a bunch of us spent Sunday lounging and watching football. This included a little parking lot break where we threw the football at a speed limit sign and pretended to run a "god-awful" play like the Chargers. As with any lounging day, In-N-Out sounded like the food of the gods, so we journeyed there in search of nourishment.

We arrived, we ordered and like any other day, it was pretty crowded; there weren't any open booths or tables. Luckily I spied a family that was getting ready to leave, so I staked my claim by standing right near it. I sipped my lemon water casually, trying not to stare or shout "HURRY UP!" as they seemed to take forever, but eventually they left and a nice worker girl from In-N-Out even offered to wipe off the table.

As soon as she was finished wiping, I motioned to my friends to join me. We were about to sit down, when a little boy, probably around age 7, kinda tried to slide into the booth, looking up at me awkwardly as if he wasn't sure if it was my table or not. Apparently I glared at him with a "back off, punk, this table is mine" kind of look, and he quickly realized he was out-matched and took a different booth. I'm just glad I didn't have to fight him, because I would have.


  1. hahaha this was hilarious! what you need to realize is how much this kid tried to squeeze between the bench and Kyle (who was obviously claiming the table)without having kyle notice him...he failed, the bench never felt better

  2. I never hit a kid before, but boy was this kid asking for it haha