Sunday, January 13, 2013

Chubby Chasers Don't Have to Run Fast

Today I watched a silly T.V. show called "Girls." I didn't really watch it willingly, it kinda just happened. I went to a friends place to enjoy some scrumptious Swedish Meatballs, and then decided to stay with the ladies to watch the show. Anyways, "Girls" is a weird drama about these mid-twentysomething girls and all of their problems with life, love and boyfriends. It is pretty funny actually (in the pathetic way, not the ha ha way). Surprisingly, I enjoyed it for what it was, but there is just one gripe I have, and I will tell you about it. Since the show is on HBO, there is some nudity, and since it is a girl show, it has a lot to do with sex. The only problem is that THE CHUBBIEST CHICK HAS THE MOST NUDE SCENES! What is wrong with these producers? Why on earth would you show an ugly chubby girl in very little clothing for most of the episode and leave MUCH prettier girls with all their clothes on? Is it because the show is geared for girls, not men? Is it supposed to make girls feel better about their own bodies? I don't know, but I was still disappointed.

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  1. I was cringing while reading this... unfortunately this was only painting an ugly picture in my head ugh! thanks for that...