Saturday, January 12, 2013


As much as I love watching and rooting for the Aztecs, they piss me off just like every other San Diego sports team. I know they have the talent to be really good, (and they are ranked 16th in the nation) though they can still stoop pretty low when it comes to putting the game away. Having shot particularly well, making ten 3's, though not making a single regular field goal for over 10 minutes, the Aztecs went into the locker room at half with maybe an 18 point lead. Despite playing rather well, they quickly let Colorado St. back in to the game being within 5 points after just 3 minutes in to the second half. Feeling confident from the good shooting the Aztecs let their cockiness get the best of them and kept shooting from deep... and missing. The CSU shooters quickly began to heat up too. And I don't think it's the players fault for letting this happen because CSU is actually a pretty good team. Like other San Diego teams, it's the coaching to blame. Steve Fisher has built quite a name for himself over the years with the Aztecs success over recent years and even with the so-called Fab Five but the lack of discipline in the players shows as he let's his players run wild on the court making turn overs and taking stupid shots. A play style my Dad likes to call, "dribble high, let it fly." While letting the players run often makes for exciting plays, good teams with good coaching wouldn't let these mistakes continue. Yes, the Aztecs did win... in overtime, but it's games like these can should turn in to blowouts or easy wins instead of nailbiters. And that's what really grinds my gears haha. But seriously this team could be really good if they didn't mess around so much.

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  1. This Blog is never gonna take off if you are talking about San Diego sports Dave ;) hahaha