Sunday, February 24, 2013

Poppin' Tags

Brent, Eshan, Tyler, Kevin and I went rolling to the thrift stores in Woodland yesterday. We spent several hours trying on ridiculous outfits and laughing at some of the items one could purchase (like a sweatshirt with a slogan about cat hair on it, or some gay cowboy boots, that happened to fit me perfectly). Well, after a while we all had our outfits: Eshan bought a huge fur coat that made him look like a pimp, Brent got some army-type jacket, tie and shirt, Tyler got a Hawaiian shirt, Winnie the Pooh tie and grey blazer, Kevin got a grey blazer and a hideous porn star t-shirt and metal chain, and I got some brown corduroy pants and a tight blue blouse. Together, we looked like a splendid group.

We played some drinking games at Eshan's, which included some Mario Kart N64, then rolled downtown via the train tracks. We argued about who could run the fastest in a race, then went into Our House bar. The song "Thrift Shop" came on and we danced like crazy, and spent most of the night wandering around the bar, talking to people and dancing. Around 1AM, Brent, Kevin and I went to the giraffe statue outside of the hotel on G street and each took a turn boosting each other up to ride it. We got photos to prove it, and it was awesome. All around, it was a great day.


  1. Why is it that the cool rap songs are by white guys, and you feel like you have to memorize all the lyrics?