Saturday, February 9, 2013

Kurt and Kyle and Broken Streaks

I had a dream last night that I was hanging out with Kurt Cobain, and I was playing guitar and he was singing along with me. Then, we decided to go to In-N-Out to meet up with the rest of my family. Naturally, it was just a short walk down the hill from the strange wooden room we were in. As we strolled through the parking lot about to enter, I saw my friends Ian and Alex getting out of Ian's yellow truck. I'm not sure if I was about to say hi or not, but then I woke up. I was so bummed, partially because I've really been craving In-N-Out lately, but mostly, I was hanging out with Kurt Cobain! I think I was just about to ask him why he killed himself, or if he regretted it, which would have been interesting to hear the answer, even in a dream.

Anyways, it made it worth it that when Krista's alarm woke me up at 8am, it woke up Tyler, who needs to be at work at 8am. FINALLY a night of partying and minimal sleep caught up with him and he overslept. (He woke up saying "Everything I own died last night" in reference to his phone and laptop haha). He didn't get in trouble or anything, but it was kind of amazing he had never overslept before, considering how crazy our Thursdays usually are. The streak was broken.

Later at night Brent and I played Nazi Zombies, and made it to level 30, even though he exchanged the Zeus Cannon for some crappy gun (on accident) in level 20 or something. Smooth move, sailor.

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  1. It does amaze me sometimes how that kid can get away with some of the things he does. I can't really think of an example but I think partying hard on a Thursday covers that up pretty well haha