Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Just Ice Cream With the Guys

I went to ice cream with 3 dudes last night. Sounds fun right? haha. Kevin Nunes, Luke Nio, Dan the Man and I all got some late night dollar scoop at Sugar Daddies. Then we went back to Kev's place and watched some terrible-but-good show called "Shameless." It's one of those shows that is so bad that you can't look away. (I mean 'bad' as far as the characters' situations, the quality is actually quite good and it's funny). For example, this episode featured a side story where the dead-beat, alcoholic father, played by William H. Macy, spent most of the episode trying to dig up the body of his sister, whom he buried in the front yard 14 years ago when she died so he could still collect her social security checks. Only problem: he couldn't remember where he buried her, and some workers were coming the next day to re-do the sewage line (so they would find her body if he doesn't, and he'd be in prison for sure).

After that, we played Civil War, the beverage game, and I straight up KILLED it! I'm talking laser beam, making almost every cup kinda night. I won 6 games in a row (with rotating teammates) before I finally was ganged up on and defeated.

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  1. You know that's how civil war always ends up when you play haha