Saturday, February 16, 2013

Fun in the Sun

It's only February but the weather this entire week has been perfect! I went to the beach with Mercy and Hannah (Mercy's sister) who were in town with their family. The only complaint I had is that the water was freezing. I know, we San Diegans are spoiled and it's a shame we can't have 70 degree water all year long. We (and about 8 other of Hannah's friends) played a few games of beach volleyball, something that none of us were particularly good at but we still had a good time. Later Mercy's family treated us all to dinner and brownies with ice cream. It was a good end to a good day.

I finally got my bike all fixed up again and working pretty well. The brakes tightened, chain greased, and seat and handlebars adjusted. I hate to get poetic but there's always something so calming or euphoric about biking at high speed with no particular destination. That is until you have to ride back, facing the wind this time and you begin to realize how out of shape you are.


  1. Bout time you fixed up your bike!

  2. Agreed, that bike deserves someone who cares David. On a off-topic note, I no longer have a bike. lol