Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Come On, Man! You're Holding Up Traffic

Krista and I went on a semi-late night excursion to get some dolla dolla scoop yall at Baskin Robbins ($1 scoop night, well, technically it's $1.50 scoop night if you want a regular scoop instead of a kids scoop). Anyways, we are driving through the maze of stop signs in downtown Davis when we arrive at the final intersection standing between us and ice cream. Suddenly, it all goes wrong.
I'm going to try to describe this so it makes sense.

We wanted to make a left onto E street, and arrived at the stop sign with a car to the left of us as well as a truck facing us. It was the car to our left's turn to go, but they could not, since an Asian man in a poofy green jacket was crossing the street. Conveniently, he also blocked the way for my car, so, naturally, the big truck facing me went first. Then the car to my left made his turn. Finally it was my turn to turn.
 It was just then I noticed the Asian man in the poofy green jacket waiting on the corner of the crosswalk, as if he wanted to cross the street in front of me. Right when I started to go, he began walking in front of my car; and we did the awkward little "Are you going? No I'm going. No, wait, you go" thing and I let him go in front of me, across the crosswalk and away from the general direction of Baskin Robbins (that is important later).

After that silly little ordeal I turned, went into the parking lot, and parked in front of Baskin Robbins. It literally took me one minute after my encounter with the Asian man in the poofy green jacket to get inside the store.
Krista and I ordered our ice cream; I got Gold Medal Ribbon, of course. At the cash register I turned to see who was about to enter the store, and guess who it was: ASIAN MAN IN THE POOFY GREEN JACKET! How did he know we were going there?!? He was traveling the opposite way of Baskin Robbins and yet, there he was. Maybe he needed to stop by the bank first to get some cash for dollar scoop night? Maybe. Personally, I think he used some secret mind power to read our minds and follow us to get ice cream. What. A. Weirdo.


  1. This asian man in a poofy green jacket is essentially describing half of the Davis population, it could've been a completely different person and you never would've noticed lol

  2. Not only do Asians suck at driving and many other social constructs like having any awareness of others and any concept of being normal. Today one bumped into me pretty hard, ignored it, then busted out his camera to take pictures of God knows what