Thursday, April 25, 2013

Definitely Half EMPTY

I bought some potato chips today. Good for me right? Well, I opened the bag and looked inside to find that the bad was only half-filled with chips! What. A. Ripoff. I'm certain we've all experienced this before, but that doesn't make it okay. Now, I can tolerate the increase in the price of chips if I have to, but don't insult me by filling the bad halfway to make me think I'm getting more. In the very least, it is a waste of bagging material; if the bag size actually represented the amount of chips inside it could probably stop global warming or something.
The other side may say something like: "the extra space provides a cushion so the chips remain crunchy, instead of breaking into tiny crumbly pieces." To that I say: bolshevik. Give me chips, or give me, well, chips. You don't need extra space, these chips aren't flying first class. Put them in coach because they are going to a far worse place in the end.
Also, the chip companies could learn a lot from the pretzel people. Have you ever seen bags of pretzels? They are PACKED TO THE BRIM with pretzels; I almost feel like the bag is gonna explode if I pinch it. That's how it should be done.

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